Visual Studio Community

I have typed a good bit in the past year evangelizing about Visual Studio Code on social media and other forms. As a major contributor for the PowerShell module dbatools I have made VS Code my primary development tool. You may not know that I actually started out using the... [Read More]
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PowerShell Learning Path

How much do you automate in your job? The question is not necessarily specific to SQL Server, whether you work as a system administrator or even business analyst. There are areas of your job that can be, and should be, automated. Ok, now back to SQL Server specifics… [Read More]
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Code with Code (for Windows)

In a previous post on PowerShell Editors I included Visual Studio Code (Code) in that list. In this post I wanted to introduce Code a bit more to you, and walk you through how you can interact with GitHub repositories. I mean now a days, who doesn’t have a GitHub... [Read More]
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