If you have not heard yet I submitted an email in a contest a few months back now, that was run by Jeremiah Peschka (blog | twitter) for 1 of 3 MSDN subscriptions. I found out not long after that I was one of the winners.

With the contest Jeremiah wanted to know how we would use it. The short answer of what I sent him, I mentioned I wanted to speak more at my local user group and to not really advance my career but advance my knowledge on things that I can then turn around and share with you (if  “you” are out there).

So, with having been wrapped up in some family things the past month and I have now aquired a second job (part-time) working nights at Alfa Insurance on the weekends, my time for the learning and blogging has been cut a little short.

However, don’t fear…I have had some new thoughts while building my virtual lab on my desktop at home now that I have access to the MSDN subscription.  My first though is: I need a laptop. Sitting in a confortable chair, or even my bed is much more appealing than sitting at the desk to work. Anyway, I have been reading more on PowerShell recently and have am very interested in learning it.

So my plans for the future:

  • Write some articles for MSSharePointTips.com about SharePoint and PowerShell
  • Blog here about what I’m still learning with SQL Server
  • Blog here about what I’m learning about PowerShell (which this should keep me busy since everything is new :))

Hopefully during this you will learn something that will benefit you and help you in some manner of your job.