Fair warning that some religous terminology may be mentioned in this blog post, continue reading at your own risk. [Read More]

What a few lines of code can do

You find out PowerShell is fun when you start playing with it and actually try to perform a task with it. I have been using it the past few months to try and decrease the time it takes me to perform a scan of a SQL Server. What I mean... [Read More]
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The rest of the story (PowerShell errors)

So I got a new server given to me to check over. Unlike most folks I like to open up PowerShell to get quick fix on the configuration. I seem to have gotten used to using PowerShell enough now that it takes me about as much time to do it... [Read More]
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What OS permissions does SQL Server have?

If you set the service account for the SQL Server services up at installation you are ahead of the game when dealing with securing your SQL Server installation. However there are some environments where the DBA does not do the initial installation of SQL Server. That requires the DBA to go back... [Read More]
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