Extended Events - Fetching API Cursors

Forum questions can sometimes cause distractions for me just because they pique my interest at times, especially when I see someone say “Extended Event (XE) session is not showing the expensive query”. Extended Events are just… [Read More]
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Hyper-V Lab for SQL Server

Whether you are playing with features or learning them in a server operating system, or SQL Server, you need to first have somewhere to run it all. All of us would love to have a server rack in our garage/basement/workshop, but that incurs a pretty high cost. You might consider... [Read More]
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PowerShell Editors

PowerShell Editors are the bread and butter in the life of an individual that wants to write PowerShell, whether for serious development or just starting. You could also be ready to get involved in open source projects around PowerShell, they do exist. There is even one specific to SQL Server... [Read More]
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Updates and Work

Well you may have noticed the different look and format of my blog. I ended up making the decision last week to go ahead and move off of WordPress.com and moved it be hosted by GitHub. It was an interesting process that if many show interest I can write up... [Read More]