Windows 10 and SSCM disappearing

I have been using Windows 10 since it was released on my main (well only) laptop. I found some issues with the SQL Server management tools through the upgrade process, specifically SQL Server Configuration Manager (SSCM). The issue I had was SSCM disappearing from the Start Menu when I upgraded... [Read More]

Modifying SQL Server Startup Parameters

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike….guess what I figured out? Well it all started by reading Mike Fal’s post on Managing SQL Server Services with #PowerShell. In that post he goes over manipulating the SQL Server service account and how to update it. In my case I needed to create a... [Read More]
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Improve Load Time on SQLPS

Over the month of November a fellow PowerShell enthusiast, Mike Fal (blog|@Mike_Fal), did a series on the SQL Server PowerShell module (SQLPS). In reading his series curiosity struck on what the module does when it was loading. I also just answered a question on DBA.SE that I figured out by tweaking a... [Read More]
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Dynamically Build RDP Files

This post was originally published 26 July 2011, updated the script and the post since I have learned a good bit on PowerShell since the original post. [Read More]
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