To be mentored or not to be

This happens to be the first post of 2015 for me, and actually one of the few non-technical post I have written. Paul Randal recently posted on Twitter offering to mentor a select number individuals. [Read More]


I have had a thought on how I might write this function for some time and finally decided to just sit down and do it. [Read More]

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer and Deadlock XML Report

OK, I just found one of those things that I can remember reading about but forgot until I saw it again. Back in October I had the privilege of being the recipient of a SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Pro license via one of their contest: [Blog] : #ILovePlanExplorer update: @wsmelton... [Read More]

SQL Server Maintenance Plan Logging

Whether you are an advocate of Maintenance Plans or not, they have their place in some situations. However, when you do use them there is one thing you should understand that is turned on by default with every maintenance plan you create: report and logging. I am not sure why, but Microsoft decided that any sub-plan that... [Read More]

FileZilla Logs to SQL Server via PowerShell

I had a client that uses FileZilla for FTP, where little files are constantly being sent to this server from numerous devices. In this situation I needed to be able to have it log those connections so I could try and track down an issue. [I’m a man with many... [Read More]