Backup Files to Tape

I had a maintenance plan on a server with a client that was having issues running successfully each night because it ended up filling the drive. This as it turns out ended up being that the clean up task was set to delete backups older than 1 day. Ok you... [Read More]
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SQL Server Data Tools: A spork of sorts (part two)

In the previous post (a bit of a rant too) I went over SSDT and how it has evolved for whatever reason by Microsoft into SSDT (Database development) and SSDT-BI (Business Intelligence development). In this post I wanted to go over how you actually get this installed so you can... [Read More]
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SQL Server Data Tools: A spork of sorts (part one)

Prior to SQL Server 2012 the Business Intelligence (BI) toolset was made up of just Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). Easy to install as it was part of the SQL Server installation media. Now with database development tools you had to go the route of getting a license for Visual... [Read More]
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SQL Server Prerequisites .NET Framework

As of SQL Server 2012 the .NET Framework prerequisite of .NET 3.5 SP1 is no longer installed for you by the SQL Server installer if it is found to be missing from the server. Now with Window Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher this is simply enabling the feature within... [Read More]
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