The treasures of the SQL Server Error Log

I am fairly active on Database Administrators QA site on  On average, most questions you find folks asking are about troubleshooting some error they are getting running code or some application is returning. I have noticed one of the most common comments we end up adding to a question... [Read More]
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CTRL plus ALT plus what?

Depending on how far back you go in the technology field you all remember having to use CTRL+ALT+DELETE to change your password for your domain account. [Read More]
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SQL Server Activity Monitor Script

You ever wonder what goes in the background of Activity Monitor? Me neither, I just used it every so often when I wanted a quick peek at what was going on for a server. Microsoft has actually made changes to Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 that... [Read More]
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SSMS 2012–Object Reference issue with Maintenance Plans

I am amazed at some of the information you can find on the Internet when searching for an issue. Especially with forum posts that mention your issue (or flat out are the exact same), but do not include any final resolution. The best one I came across was this one... [Read More]
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Check-InstanceConfig (part 2)

In the previous post I discussed the data table that holds the default values for the configuration options in SQL Server 2000 up to SQL Server 2014. [Read More]
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