PowerShell Tidbit

I do remote support work now as a DBA and have clients that provide my password for VPN login or Active Directory login. I usually access their network through a central remote server that I will use to manage their SQL Server environment. As some of you may know there... [Read More]
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With PowerShell comes great things

I have been working with PowerShell since sometime around 2010 I think. I don’t recall the exact date because it started somewhat slowly. The previous employers I worked for were not environments I could really take advantage of it very well. I now work as a consultant so I have... [Read More]
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To the future…

I decided to jump into playing with Windows Azure today. I heard on Twitter yesterday that Azure had SQL Server 2014 CTP2 available. After waiting about 30 minutes I was able to login and see this: [Read More]
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XML, glad that is over

XML can be one of those things you come across and say “ah, there has got to be a better way”. It is something I have held off working with in SQL Server. However with things for SQL Server performance (e.g. query plans) and such it is hard to stay... [Read More]
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