These are just links and resources I have used over time to pick up more about this thing called PowerShell. I will hopefully keep this page updated as new resources are introduced, and as I find them.

For Beginners

I found these very helpful when I was learning what PowerShell was all about. Most of these resources are free.

Author Resource
Jonathan Medd PowerShell 2.0 One Cmdlet at a Time Master-PowerShell With Dr. Tobias Weltner
Don Jones Administrator Crash Course: Windows PowerShell v2
Microsoft Virtual Academy Course(s) Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start

Advancing your skills

The rest of these links are ones I like to check out to learn something new about PowerShell or even get answers on problems I have come across.

Link Description Community-written scripts, forums, and resource offerings
TechNet Magazine PowerShell topics Most of these articles are written by Don Jones or Microsoft Scripting Guys (Ed Wilson)
TechNet Wiki Windows PowerShell Survival Guide</a> – Wiki site built up by the community
PowerShell with a Purpose Blog Blog of Don Jones Site built by Don Jones contains alot of resource links to PowerShell resources (books, blogs, etc)
Concentrated Technology for IT Pros Another Don Jones site but some good sample scripts and such from his training classes and webcast.
Microsoft Scripting Guy’s Blog (Ed Wilson) – PowerShell scripts explained, very good stuff.
Aaron Nelson SQL Server blogger that loves PowerShell. You can always ask Aaron if he has PowerShell script that can do _____? His answer is usually yes.
Allen White Another good SQL Server blogger that dabbles in PowerShell too.
Aaron Bertrand Some good post on using PowerShell with SQL Server.
PowerShell Team Blog straight from the horses mouth so to speak.