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About me

I live in Alabama, and grew up in the country cutting wood for the winter and baling hay in the summer. My college career started out wanting to go into Wildlife Science, but biology proved to be my weakness. Switched to a degree in information systems and made it out of college.

I have worked in various operation support roles in my career. Which while some may look at my resume and say I was jumping between jobs, there is more to the story. I worked as contractor with the military for a good portion of my career, so as the contract went to another company I followed along. One advantage that has given me over my career is I have been involved in the whole development process (maybe not at the same company) and seen it from various sides of the table.

PowerShell has been in my world since sometime around Summer of 2010, then SQL Server since 2007 or so. In my career I have primarily been a system administrator type, supporting whatever ran in the company I worked under. When I moved to military contracting in 2008 I actually did a year of Unix Administration, and then settled into full time DBA world in 2009. While I enjoy all components of SQL Server, I am keen on the Business Intelligence parts.


As of November 2017 I am a PowerShell MVP in the category Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP.

my resume

Who uses resume anymore? Just go check my LinkedIn profile.


I am a major contributor with the dbatools PowerShell module under the sqlcalloborative project on GitHub.

finding waldo

You can find me on Twitter (see footer for those links) and various Slack channels in sqlservercommunity.