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Books I get to read (E-Books)
27 Jan 2011
2 minutes read

I thought I would share some of the E-books I have purchased recently. I did not like them to begin with but have an iPod Touch now and it is not too bad reading on it. It just depends on what format it is in. I found a free app to read PDF files and I use Stanza to read ePub files. Reading ePub files is much easier than trying to read the PDFs. With ePub files the reader application formats the text to the screen, versus the PDF is zoom in and move the page around to get all the text. I don’t usually catch myself reading the PDF formatted E-books all that much.

If you don’t already, you really should be following O’Reilly on Twitter and/or Facebook. You will get notified through one of these about daily deals for e-books at 50% off or more. I have gotten some great deals on some good book titles. The following are the ones I have gotten in the past months from O’Reilly .

Apress also does deals, called “Deal of the Day”. However I have not noticed they do any advertising of this through Twitter or Facebook. Apress offers 1 book for a 24 hour period for $10. I caught a post on Twitter the other day about the title for that day and was able to snag this title from them:

The downside to Apress is they only offer E-books in PDF format. I don’t know if they have future plans to offer in other formats or not. O’Reilly on the other hand, offers the book in APK (Android), DAISY (Text-to-Speech for those with print disabilities), ePub (E-Reader apps for Apple devices) , Mobi (Amazon Kindle), and PDF. You see why I like them much more? I can see the advantage to the E-book and having the physical book. However I find myself now more likely to read from my iPod that I do sitting somewhere to pull out the physical book. I will re-read them on the computer as well.

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