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Build your own StackExchange Database
20 Jul 2015
One minute read


Have you ever wanted to be like Mike Brent and have your own local, sample StackExchange database? Do you know what PowerShell is?

If you at least answered yes to the first and last question, I am here to help. I published a PowerShell script on GitHub and created a dedicated page to show you how I solved the problem with PowerShell. Travel over to me resource page page: StackExchange and you will see what I am talking about.

Is it the best PowerShell script for doing the job? Possibly. It accomplishes what I want it to, which is enough for me. I caveat this on the page, but to not let your hopes get to high I was not able to load the StackOverflow data with this script. It is more than likely just my laptop could not handle that much data. If I get a chance, I will try using this on a more beefy server to see if it will work.

Good luck and happy data-fishing.

Tags: powershell

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