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How To Remember Everything in One Step
19 Jan 2011
3 minutes read

Before I get to that step let me tell you a story…I try to keep up with webcast and virtual presentations as much as I can, especially ones that deal with either SQL Server or PowerShell. I do tend to miss a lot of them. I do find the needle in the hay stack every now and then though.

I remember being up late one night last year (around 1:00 AM CST). I had TweetDeck up and caught a tweet by Buck Woody (blog | twitter) about a LiveMeeting event fixing to start for the Adelaide SQL Server User Group in Australia, which would have been about 5 PM or 6 PM their time I guess. It was about the DAC and UCP features in SQL Server 2008 R2. It was a very good learning experience, even at that time of night.

I found that I actually missed a good one the other day. I don’t get on Twitter all the time when I am not at work, or actually doing something on my computer at home. So I tend to be one of the few that actually back tracks in the timeline to see what went on in the twitterverse. I came across this tweet by Tim Radney (blog | twitter):

I obviously saw this after the fact and was like, “What the truck, what did I miss!!??!!”. Well apparently what I missed was a SQL PASS Performance Virtual Chapter webcast hosted by Paul Randal (blog | twitter). I also found later down the timeline this tweet by @sqlpass:

Which it was not all that bad since the SQL PASS VCs are recorded and after a day or so put out on the web for you to view at anytime. However I did feel bummed out about it, there is just something about watching and experiencing it live.

I was trying to figure out how I can keep up with the VC presentations that occur and started perusing the SQL PASS site. I did not see that PASS offers any kind of email alerts for these things. I did find that they offer an RSS feed for just about everything. Which I frequent my Google Reader account a good bit throughout the day. So, I downloaded the OPML file and imported it into my Google Reader account. So now I can get information from PASS on press releases, news, in-person events, and online events. All from the comfort of my Google Reader. (Did I mention I like using my Google Reader?!!!)

If I had already done that I would have come across this posting under the PASS Online Events RSS feed in Google Reader:

So yeah I missed that one, but now I know I can catch the SQL PASS Professional Development VC event with Joe Web (blog | twitter).

So now for that step to help you remember everything:

Step 1: Accept the fact that you will not be able to remember everything and move on.

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