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MCP Benefits
8 Jul 2010
One minute read

Certifications…it’s a hot topic for some people. The main argument comes from those that get them and those that don’t. If you are a student of SQL University you may have caught Thomas LaRock’s (blog | twitter) lecture on Certification Week

Anyway I was actually logging into the MCP site (not linking it because a login required) and found a new feature that I don’t recall being there…“Virtual Business Card”.  They have added in the ability to create a business card of sorts as a web page.

It takes you through a nice little wizard driven site that you pick a theme and then add all your information on the card:

Once you get everything setup you can preview your site and it will provide you with the HMTL code to copy and paste in your e-mail or on your blog: View my MCP Certifications (card) View my MCP Certifications (profile)

That is a nice little tool I believe. I’m not much for carrying around business cards. Most companies I have worked for so far did not bother to get me one and I just have not gone and bought my own yet.

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