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27 Oct 2011
2 minutes read

Fair warning that some religious terminology may be mentioned in this blog post, continue reading at your own risk.

I recently took part in the first round of the Mentoring Experiment. This is a program that Steve Jones (t|b) and Andy Warren (t|b) started (they seem to do that alot).

I acted as the mentoree and had someone mentor me. Overall it was a great experience. I want to send my thanks out to Steve and Andy for allowing me to participate. The plan of the was for me and my mentor to schedule a few phones calls each month to talk about different things. We talked about where I wanted my career to go, and where I was at currently. I got some good advice from it on how to grow my knowledge and get more involved with things. I greatly appreciate my mentor sharing that time away from his family each month during this program trial.

I would advise anyone interested in SQL Server, especially if you are just starting out with it, to watch the Mentoring website I linked to above for the second cycle to start up. It can help you get your plan written out to where you want to go with your career. Having someone that has been through it already is a great way for you to learn what things work and what does not.

The main thing I have learned is that I need to build those skillsets that best match up to what I want to do. If I don’t then I won’t go any further than where I am at right now. I have the belief that God has a plan for me and my career. What the end result will be I do not know and don’t want to know, the fun part is the journey.

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