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Project Management
23 Apr 2010
2 minutes read
Title Author Publisher
SharePoint for Project Management Dux Raymond Sy O’Reilly

“…each individual spent about 45 minutes looking for information.”  The author goes on to mention that 45 minutes can add up when you are dealing with a 3 person team on a 3 month project.  I don’t directly deal with project management in my career yet but I do work on projects as part of the team.  I have also managed and built SharePoint [SP] sites for past employers.  I picked up this book to simply learn a different aspect of SharePoint.

If you are a beginner to SharePoint (especially in management) and looking for instruction on using it for project management, then this is a good book to start with.  It does benefit, for optimal learning, to have access to a SharePoint site that you have full access to.  The book assumes Window SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0), which is a freely licensed version of SharePoint if you have purchased or own licenses for the Window Server 2003 operating system.  However all the methods used in the book will also work on higher version as well.

The book is laid out well and in a stair-step order, with each chapter building on the next.  You could skip around in reading, but it is a short book and I would advise reading through to the end.  It helps to get a clear understanding of the concepts the author presents.  The author’s use of screenshots helps in understanding and following the concepts and instructions he goes through in the book.  An additional feature that I like is each chapter ends with a “Best Practice Checklist” and “Summary”.  I believe that helps enforce what you just read in the chapter and is good for a quick reference of the chapter.

Overall I like the book and believe it is a good reference book for those “I always forget where that setting is” or “what check box do I select” moments. I would also like to see the author write another edition of this book using the newest 2010 release of SharePoint Foundation (replacing WSS 3.0).

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