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SQL Server Activity Monitor Script
30 Jul 2014
2 minutes read

You ever wonder what goes in the background of Activity Monitor? Me neither, I just used it every so often when I wanted a quick peek at what was going on for a server. Microsoft has actually made changes to Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 that can cause errors, and requires you to modify OS level permissions, [reference](“"). I work over VPN supporting clients remotely and it never been that useful to me.

I liked all the information it showed but just did not like having to use the UI it provided to filter and such. So I did a trace against an instance while I opened Activity Monitor to pull out what query it was running to populate the active sessions.

So this post is pretty much just a bookmark for the script:

SELECT [Session ID] = s.session_id
    ,[User Process] = CONVERT(CHAR(1), s.is_user_process)
    ,[Login] = s.login_name
    ,[Database] = ISNULL(db_name(p.dbid), N'')
    ,[Task State] = ISNULL(t.task_state, N'')
    ,[Command] = ISNULL(r.command, N'')
    ,[Application] = ISNULL(s.program_name, N'')
    ,[Wait Time (ms)] = ISNULL(w.wait_duration_ms, 0)
    ,[Wait Type] = ISNULL(w.wait_type, N'')
    ,[Wait Resource] = ISNULL(w.resource_description, N'')
    ,[Blocked By] = ISNULL(CONVERT(VARCHAR, w.blocking_session_id), '')
    ,[Head Blocker] = CASE
        WHEN r2.session_id IS NOT NULL
            AND (
                r.blocking_session_id = 0
                OR r.session_id IS NULL
            THEN '1'
        ELSE ''
    ,[Total CPU (ms)] = s.cpu_time
    ,[Total Physical I/O (MB)] = (s.reads + s.writes) * 8 / 1024
    ,[Memory Use (KB)] = s.memory_usage * 8192 / 1024
    ,[Open Transactions] = ISNULL(r.open_transaction_count, 0)
    ,[Login Time] = s.login_time
    ,[Last Request Start Time] = s.last_request_start_time
    ,[Host Name] = ISNULL(s.host_name, N'')
    ,[Net Address] = ISNULL(c.client_net_address, N'')
    ,[Execution Context ID] = ISNULL(t.exec_context_id, 0)
    ,[Request ID] = ISNULL(r.request_id, 0)
    ,[Workload Group] = N''
FROM sys.dm_exec_sessions s
LEFT JOIN sys.dm_exec_connections c ON (s.session_id = c.session_id)
LEFT JOIN sys.dm_exec_requests r ON (s.session_id = r.session_id)
LEFT JOIN sys.dm_os_tasks t ON (
        r.session_id = t.session_id
        AND r.request_id = t.request_id
    SELECT *
        ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (
            PARTITION BY waiting_task_address <br />            ORDER BY wait_duration_ms DESC
            ) AS row_num
    FROM sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks
    ) w ON (t.task_address = w.waiting_task_address)
    AND w.row_num = 1
LEFT JOIN sys.dm_exec_requests r2 ON (s.session_id = r2.blocking_session_id)
LEFT JOIN sys.sysprocesses p ON (s.session_id = p.spid)
WHERE s.is_user_process = 1
ORDER BY s.session_id;

Tags: sqlserver

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