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SQL Server Features
28 Apr 2010
One minute read

Every wonder how new features get added to SQL Server editions?  Well I saw a tweet from Jonathan Kehayias (blog | twitter) that reminded me of how.  Click here to see the suggestion mentioned in the tweet.

Microsoft Connect is a community site that users of just about any Microsoft product can submit feedback on any issue or request they have on a Microsoft product.  This is the link to SQL Server’s Connect site.  So anyone that creates a login (which what Microsoft site does not require you to create a login) and you can submit an issue or vote up a suggestion on SQL Server.

You might also search this site and find that one issue you had that you never could quite figure out why.  I have had this happen with Google Searches and the Connect site was in the top 3 search results on Google (don’t recall the issue).  You may find it is the behavior as designed or a workaround is provided for it.  I go to the site every so often to just check out the statistics on the home page (bottom right), it’s the nerd in me I guess.

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