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Step 1: Start New Blog
18 Apr 2010
2 minutes read

Well like many people in 2010 they decided (or try) to start a blog in their particular field of work/study, or just for personal use.  My decision is two-fold.  (1) I want to do it in my field of work and/or study, then also (2) for doing book reviews for publishers.

My field of work is currently working with Microsoft SQL Server.  I am a database administrator working in Montgomery, AL.  [Yes we do exist ~done~ down here in the South.]  I think blogging on SQL Server things should be easy but it is more and more difficult when I start trying to think about things to blog about.  There are numerous people out on the World Wide Web that blog about this subject already.  [Many you will see on my Following page (link to come).]  So I read all those and think how can I match up to that?  Well I won’t and don’t plan to.  Each person  has their own style of writing so I will use mine, and see how it goes.

Most of the things I blog on hopefully will be on experiences. I have been working with SQL Server at work and in things I study and learn.  As I stated early people will blog about their work and/or studies.  If a person is dedicated to work with a product/software they should always be learning things about that item, whether you get paid for it or not.  I would like to get paid for the extra time I spend on learning new things, but life does not just give you everything.

Warning: I am a born again Christian and believe God will provide for me and my family as He sees fit.  So you might see some mention of my religious beliefs in this blog.  However I will keep it fair for those that don’t care about that subject, and mark those posts appropriately.  Since this is my blog, but everyone has a choice to read what they want to read.

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