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To be mentored or not to be
30 Jan 2015
3 minutes read

This happens to be the first post of 2015 for me, and actually one of the few non-technical post I have written. Paul Randal recently posted on Twitter offering to mentor a select number individuals.

Which I have read he also does this for a select few that go through the SQL Skills courses as well. Just one more thing to put on that “How great is Paul Randal” list we all keep up with.

I can say that I have been through one mentoring program (or more an experiment) back in 2011 in my career. This program actually introduced me to Tim Mitchell (blog|twitter) and am very grateful for the time spent on phone calls and emails. My current employer at the time did not really put me in a situation that I could take full advantage of the advice received but it did help none the less. I was employed as a DBA but not doing a high amount of “dirty” work in SQL Server.

I have changed employers a few times since then and in June of 2013 decided to leave the confines of an office and started doing full time SQL Server consulting work from home. I began working with a company out of Wisconsin. Which today is actually my last day with this company. I have decided to make a change and will be going to work at Pythian starting in February. Any new job starting off will offer new challenges but I think Pythian has an environment that I can expand my knowledge of SQL Server in and other technologies as well.

So, should I be mentored by Paul?

Who wouldn’t want to be mentored by Paul Randal. Do I deserve to be? You can always second-guess yourself thinking I am to far down the totem poll to deserve Paul’s time. I try not to look at things like that, most of the time. I have held a lot of different jobs in my career and numerous other part-time jobs. I am hoping to be in this new position for some time, at least plan to. My head is full of little tidbits of information and I know full of holes. I think being mentored by someone at Paul’s level, that has seen it all by now would help me narrow down goals. Those goals that will make sure what I am doing lines up with where I want to go (or maybe should go).

I have always just tried to learn anything and everything I can about SQL Server. Which some of it I can retain and some of it I don’t; maybe little bits I recall but have to go back and look up again. I have heard folks state that SQL Server is a large product and no one person is going to learn it all to an expert level. I began to realize that more doing consultant work, and how much I don’t know. It would help to just get down the best path that matches up to my personality and what I want to become (both in training and career).

If it is not to be, then it is what it is. I will keep chugging along in hopes that one day I make it to an IEPT01 class.

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