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With PowerShell comes great things
23 Oct 2013
2 minutes read

I have been working with PowerShell since sometime around 2010 I think. I don’t recall the exact date because it started somewhat slowly. The previous employers I worked for were not environments I could really take advantage of it very well. I now work as a consultant so I have gotten much more involved in learning the advanced side of PowerShell.

I have developed and continue to evolve a PowerShell script that is utilized for making assessment reports on clients SQL Server environment. I have been looking to advance these scripts and have been searching out training to raise my PowerShell understanding and knowledge.

Oh boy, did I find a good one!!!

Microsoft created the Microsoft Virtual Academy back in 2011. They have gathered a decent amount of courses that you can work through, all for free!!! Now don’t go canceling your Pluralsight account or anything, they don’t have that many courses.

The jewel PowerShell course I found is right here: Advanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start. This course is taught by Jason Helmick (Blog|Twitter) and Jeffrey Snover (Blog|Twitter). Now if you have been in PowerShell for a decent amount of time and researched the background you may recognize Jeffrey’s name.

Throughout the course Jeffrey’’ inserts little tidbits of information on the decision making made by the PowerShell team in designing PowerShell and version 3.0. That alone was the best part to me. However the second best part is the advanced level concepts that are taught.

If you want to step it up then take the time to go through the course.

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