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StackDb PowerShell Module

Maybe you are tired of AdventureWorks or if you are still old school with Northwnd and Pubs? Brent Ozar has for many years now been using [StackOverflow database](“") in his training and demos. As StackExchange (SE) started providing public [archives of the SE network sites](“").

I wanted to be able to build out a sample database on all of these archives as I needed, so wrote a PowerShell module.

Where to get it?

You can find the files in my GitHub repository, PSStackExchangeDb.

A short example…

<# Refresh module in cache to get latest #>
#rmo PSStackExchangeDb
ipmo C:\GitHub\PSStackExchangeDb\PSStackExchangeDb.psd1

<# See if site exist and what file size is #>
Get-SEArchive -siteName woodworking -listAvailable

<# download archive file #>
Get-SEArchive -siteName Woodworking -downloadPath C:\temp\SESites -Verbose

<# export 7z file #>
Export-SEArchive -filename C:\temp\SESites\ -Verbose
# see files
Get-ChildItem C:\temp\SESites\

<# Create database and import data from xml files #>
# Create database (must not already exist)
New-SEDatabase -sqlServer manatarms -databaseName Woodworking -Verbose
# Import xml files
Import-SEArchive -filepath C:\temp\SESites\ -sqlserver manatarms -database Woodworking -Verbose

# Or if want to reload specific table (purge it first)
Invoke-Sqlcmd -serverinstance manatarms -database Woodworking -Query "DELETE FROM Posts"
Import-SEArchive -filepath C:\Temp\SESites\ -sqlserver manatarms -database Woodworking -tableList 'Posts'

Recording of the above code: